Samwyse Ganja and Keith Jone$ – COP Release Hits Your Ears July 1st and We Are The First To Cover It


Cop is a take on new musical fusion of hip hop and synth wave, packing messages in pockets of “vibe downs” (what we used to know as breakdowns until now). Hip-hop is constantly evolving and taking new forms throughout generations. It’s always being interpreted in many ways.

Cop is a refreshing interpretation of sound for fans of rap and soul. The entire song is produced by our very own Samwyse Ganja, an upcoming producer currently based in the third coast (originally from Washington, DC). Together Samwyse and Keith are writing a new album coming out later in the year and are picking up tours in the gulf coast.

Listen now exclusively here:

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More coming soon, we are so taken away…
the music and art is unstoppable.

Washington DC Artist Mike Hazel Takes to the Streets and Brings His Art to the Quarter


By Leeaux


Hello friends and portfamily, good morning. We would like to start off sharing our appreciation for everyone taking involvement and interest in our collective project. Thank you for your blessings and encouragement.

Today we are introducing Mike Hazel to the portfamily. Hazel, a Washington DC native, is a young, rich, ambitious, rebel that walks the streets sharing art, spreading the good news of local culture and the mighty DoloWan papers for all your rolling-up needs. Self made and driven, our renegade takes steps in bettering not only his life, but the lives of his artistic friends around him. 

We linked up by chance and began to share our story together, and it was magic how the passion matched the drive to succeed and better the world around us through art, creation, and interaction.
It’s our unique vision of this realm that has allowed our paths to cross.

Hazel also has been collaborating with local musicians by helping produce their own batch of rolling papers under the name DoloWan, providing a unique product to any and all who request them.

The artistic entrepreneur says, “At the end of the day the artist uses the ‘canvas’ to reinterpret an impression from the world around them. Some replicate an image to where it can be a mirror image but I’d rather give my customer a bit more than that. I want them to see the freedom that art gives me in everyday life. So I’m not going to always create within the lines but more so feeling based. You will see me break down and distort the world around to show you that everyone’s view of this world is unique.”

His future is as bright as the color of his pallet.

mike hazel 3

Give his social media links a buzz and check out his Soundcloud for some of his music as well, highly recommended:

It’s been another exciting day in the thirdcoast


It feels great to build this site from the back end, we are counting days for our first official web launch and to our first music and arts showcase in New Orleans, Louisiana. We are currently plotting together on how we will make this such a unique experience with our fellow attendees and PORTfamily. If you subscribed to our launch you will be added to a special guest list, basically we have to figure out who our lovely members are, stay posted.

-project portculture

Project Portculture


One of our next artist write ups will feature upcoming artists of (Silent Planet). We will be catching some words and sharing some quality time with the group at the Vans Warped Tour in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 27th. We look forward to hearing the groups journey, their realization of how much attention their message is receiving and the direction they plan to go as a band when releasing EVERYTHING WAS SOUND on July 2nd. We are filled with joy to be consumed with them in the third coast. Above is a video still of their latest visual release “Orphan” and you can watch this by clicking here.


Filmmaker Elijah reviewing some footage for new a new music video with Sam Wyse Ganja and Keith Jones, coming at you soon.