Parish #Portculture

Louisiana is our home. Louisiana is our pride and joy. We want everyone who crosses our path to experience what we do, create, and exist in a realm undisturbed by judgement. Portculture is a window into a music and arts society you normally wouldn’t experience upon first glance when visiting. Once you gaze into the looking glass, it’s forever hard to look away. When you come to New Orleans, you fall in love. It’s a natural effect. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Join us.

We are artists building a network meant to help others and bring about opportunity. This is entirely grassroots.

Experience our next gathering Saturday February 24th at Urban South Brewery. The second edition artisans show and market is set for 5PM. Admission is free and all of the art will be amazing.

All it takes is showing up.

Thank you for your time.

Portculture: Gulf-Coast Arts Society

What’s up?

We wish to revel as artists and build tradition. We see Portculture as becoming even greater than the artists who built it. Portculture is you. Portculture is us.

Live it up and celebrate the art of your peers.

If you ever had a dream, we encourage you to pursue it.

Be the creative change you wish to see.

Here’s to Another Year for #portculture, the Gulf-Coast is the Creative Change

Another year of pursuing creative projects is starring us down now. Deeper down the rabbit hole we’ll go. We can’t wait to share our ideas and what we plan to bring to the table to help better the lives of our artistic peers.

Thank you for the support as well, this is turning out better than expected.

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Tropical Urban Street Magic (TUSM) #portculture

We’re bringing in another year of art and music celebration. We were inactive after spring of 2017 getting other projects rolling behind the scenes. We’re now able to sustain this vast of a vision more effectively with a few new platforms, so thank you again for the patience.

We have an art show on Saturday, January 13th. We’re inviting the public to join us at Urban South Brewery. 5PM. This project features a roster of gulf-coast’s rather loved creators in the tap room as a new artisan show & market. It’s real inclusive, just sign-up and share the posts, tag us, etc. No vendor fees is the wave for 2018.

Starting January we will also be releasing artist features on our Ello (the creator’s network) page. It will accumulate views as time goes on from the network that already explores the site. We encourage you to make the switch if you are over facebook content and would rather more of a relevant artistic news feed.

We’re curating a lot of special projects this year for the tricentennial. Sign up to get our emails.