Three Years Ago An Idea Was Birthed Into The Gulf-Coast

There is a never ending passion that burns inside of us as creators. Through our similarities we become this growing collective of dedicated artists. Our skills vary from visual arts, photography, musical performance and composition, to even event curation. We do this because we believe in art. There are no borders when you gather to appreciate the arts. This was all made more apparent through last three days. .

Thank you. Truly. Thank you from our entire family.

You all made these three years completely worth it. It means the world to be able to host social events with our friends, family, and fans of this project. We plan to continue to deliver these experiences for years to come. Initially by design we wanted to become a new standard on how to discover new and incredible talent.

We embarked on a journey to celebrate three years of life. From Shreveport, to Lafayette, to New Orleans, the Portculture music and arts experience touched down in some of the most incredible places.

The Agora Borealis in Shreveport, Basin Arts Studio in Lafayette, and Breathing Waters Gardens in New Orleans were all brilliant hosts and locations for us. Thank you for allowing us to open a portal to celebrate the arts with you and your community. This was honestly a huge success. We are entirely too grateful for being given this opportunity. One of the coolest parts was supporting our sponsors Urban South Brewery and spreading their lovely product along Louisiana just in time of their 2 year anniversary.

This man is named Jacob. He is the president and founder of Urban South. Congratulations for your most welcoming and successful brewery. You have helped us more than you could possibly imagine.

This adventure was everything we could have asked for. We look forward to coming back and turning on the Portculture experience again to keep them growing and developing each time. We want to send love to all of the performing artists who shared the stages with us. This is certainly an experience you have to witness in person to fully understand and appreciate. Discovering new talent in the static of ads and the inconsistency of algorithms you might assume that the web and how to find new work is being programed.

We want to be a window into what’s new and completely worth your time.

To everyone who was apart of this and if you’re reading this right now, we can’t express how thankful we are to have you involved.

Thank you Katy Larsen, John Hampson, Landon Miller, The Intro, Jawuan Ford, Caveman Raveman Magician, Isaiah 2.0, Clare Cook, Clare Cook’s Husband, Channel 15 News Lafayette, NEFA Records, Phareaux, Pauly Steez, Weird Death, Slow Coyote, Gavin McQueen, Nuddie Piper, YDS, Proper Channels, Jay Tusko, Kip, Crivory, Alex D Kenny, Jacob from Breathing Waters, Jacob who cooked up the tacos at Breathing Waters, Friendkerrek, thestreetcorner, Hellboy.Hellboy, Rapbaum, E.T. Deaux, Pandamason, GloomyNation, Welcome Center, Evan Troxell, Jacob Landry, Midge, Urban South Brewery, and most importantly the friends, family, and fans who helped make these dates even possible. When you could have just been at home hanging out on Facebook or Twitter or being a thirst-bucket, instead you entered this realm with us. We owe you our love from now until the end of space time. Thank you for helping our dreams become a reality.

We honestly wish there was enough time in the day to write about each moment that happens within the different compartments of Portculture but that’s where we leave the option to follow the #portculture tag on any social network platform.

If you ever want to attend any of our showcases we would recommend emailing your first and last name to

Thank you……


Portculture Turns Three Years Old In March 2018 – So We Are Celebrating With A Concert Tour

Portculture turns three years old this year.

So we pieced together a really exciting three day concert tour bringing the #portculture music and art experience to three different cities.

We will be hosting three birthday parties in a row with the collective of artists affiliated with us. This is very exciting for us. Finally we are mobile and sharing our message in a new way.

This is only the beginning.

You can rsvp to the events by visiting and clicking the hyper link to the city you live in, or are close enough to visit.

Thank you for making this an exiting three years, we look forward to inspiring a generation beyond this point.


Lazy Sunday Takes Over the Gulf Coast

Hello readers and thanks for joining us for this update. As you all have noticed we embarked on the first edition of the Lazy Sunday Tour. Lazy Sunday is a music project created by Austin Rapbaum in partnership with BigBro. Lazy Sunday was recently released Sunday, August 7th, 2016 in a personal house gathering at the home of Austin Rapbaum. Many attended the release party and were immersed in the world of sets by performing artists that the producer himself considers family: Evan Thibodeaux, Mike Hazel, Samwyse Ganja, Keith Jone$…

new orleans lazy

Currently project #portculture has set up a line of events to create the Lazy Sunday Tour. We are visiting a handful of cities in Louisiana and Texas spreading our movement along the way. Our recent nights have been very magnificent and we are extremely thankful for the amount of support shown to us. We are working really hard to bring you a night of great vibes, energy, and music. Join us on our upcoming days:

Up next are:
8.13.16 – Lake Charles, LA* with special guest Neji Vibez of the Panda Mason Collective
8.14.16 – Houston, TX
8.15.16 – San Antonio, TX



The Start of the Lazy Sunday Tour – Wednesday in Slidell Louisiana 

We are overly excited to begin sharing our adventure through the thirdcoast with you all. This Wednesday we hit the road with Austin Rapbaum, BigBro, Samwyse Ganja, Keith Jone$, and Nathaniel Red in honor of the release of Lazy Sunday. Take a listen to the project here at  

dates are posted, check our site for updates.

-project #portculture