Greetings: the 8th Portculture arts exhibition is Saturday 8/18/18

That’s correct. This Saturday at Urban South we are celebrating the 8th instillation of the artisans show + exhibition. So far this entire year we have been hosting an array of talented souls from all over New Orleans and even other cities. We’re beyond grateful for the support that’s been given to our organization as we advance our goal of initiating the arts renaissance of the gulf-coast.

We are a catalyst to grander state of mind in relationship to the arts. We are a society of young art collectors, musicians, photographers, painters, sculptors, brand ambassadors, and more.

Thanks for supporting the growing collective of artists who show their works with us.

This was created from artists working together.

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Introducing Sam Prather also known as FRIEDSKRIMPZ

Welcome to Portculture x Urban South! This is your first time showcasing your work with us. What’s something you’re looking forward to during this show?
Well, I’ve never drank beer while showing my art, so that’s going to be cool. I was also going through the instagrams of all the other artists and definitely want to meet them in person, connect, and make new art friends. I’ve been wanting to collab for a minute.
Have you participated in other art shows? If so where?
Oh yeah, I’m from Baton Rouge and hustled the most I could in college. I started in early high school with a weekly neighborhood showing, Stabbed in the art, I’ve shown in the BR City Park Gallery, I did seasonal markets in BR’s mid-city, had a booth at BR’s Queer Fest… The first show I ever did in NOLA was at a RAW event, and more recently at a yoga studio. In the process of doing all of these, I am trying to learn my clientele, and where my art fits in best.
What inspired you to come to New Orleans and sell your art?
NOLA always was my get-away from BR. I never really fit in there. I was quirky and closeted. Of course I had my friends, but frat culture and conservatism bothered me to no end. So I looked forward to the weekends or the events I would come down for, and danced and basked in weirdness that creates the culture of this city. Also, even after I did a bit of travelling, I still felt this connection to NOLA, like it’s energy was signaling to me to come, grow and flourish. When I graduated college, I go over here as fast as I could and found a job. These last four months I’ve been here have been amazing.
How did you find out about the Portculture art experience?
Hehe, that NOLA magic energy. I was invited to one before I moved here, but didn’t know what it was or who put it on. A few months later, when I have settled in, I went to Hari Krishna with a couple of friends. My friend Anna introduced me to this cool guy toting an amazing art magazine, Leeaux, and here we are! Art show connects over free Indian food, I can dig it.
Do you plan to make a living from your art?
Soo I am currently between two worlds. I am legal assistant for the state. Art is my passion, but I am also extremely interested in law. Right now, big girl job is funding art. I am working to balance the two right now, but if one over-powers the other, I’ll let it happen. Law school might be a thing. But also meeting the right people, showing in the right places, might also be a thing. We’ll see. I’m giving myself two years to figure it all out.
Where do you see yourself in the next year, literally June 23rd 2019.
Still living that good NOLA based life, with many new experiences under my belt. Hopefully I get some international travel or a few through hikes in before now and then.
What inspires you to create?
The natural world, I am not good at interpreting rigidity. I’ve painted lots of plants and animals. Sensuality. I like painting fruits. Organized chaos. Poetry, I am doing 3 paintings for a series of poems my witch friend wrote for a showing we’re doing together. Turn of phases, wordplay and concepts, I reworked a painting recently based on the Ego, and one of my first surreal paintings was “Eyelands, mouths of Rivers,” I’ll let you visualize. I also enjoy the concept of masks and I love finding interesting photos of people wearing them and recreating them into drawings, as well as religious imagery.
Do you think pop culture has a deeper influence in modern art that is being neglected unless you’re already “famous” or “known”. (Meaning do you think the trends that influence the art we see everyday isn’t digested properly unless they are already established artists?) *optional*
Oh definitely. While I can submerge myself in the artists I like and follow on social media and magazines, I find myself guilty of this when I go to museums. The first and best example I can think of was when I went to the Louvre. I didn’t go for the purpose of seeing Mona, there was a meso-American exhibit I heard about, but when I go near where she was, I felt the energy surrounding her and gravitated towards the crowd. I could only get in the proximity, I wasn’t about to fight a crowd of tourists with selfie sticks, but when I turned around I was in awe of this beautiful, enormous, fantastically detailed mural that looked like it took a life time to create. The artist was one that I have never heard of in my base level art studies, Paolo Veronese, which is quite a shame because he was obviously a master artist. I feel that the French have such a sense of humor to put this piece of art across from Mona. I suppose it was done for tourists to question their artistic sensibilities, so that they do not get caught up in the group think of trying to capture the image of a known piece, and admire an almost infinite masterwork.
What makes great art?
Hmm.. Subjectivity is the only thing shared when it comes to the consumption of art. I guess it’s utilizing the power of this subjectivity to hone in on emotions. Rothko comes to mind for me. His art constructively simplistic, yet the depth of his emotional turmoil was transferred to his canvases. This, mixed with the generation he was painting, was the formula to success, and making his art, subjectively, great.



Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

That’s right. Nothing worth having comes easy. Greetings to the June weather and the new month. We’re entering half a year of making progress in the arts community helping provide a new platform to showcase art and network. It’s been our duty as artists to help make the world a better place for creatives.

June 23rd you can come scope out this emergent art show with us at Urban South Brewery. They have been completely outstanding to work with. It’s beautiful to have values align to where we work in tandem with them to build and create as their arts program essentially. Together we’re bringing a new light to the arts of New Orleans.

We’re also looking for individuals looking to work with on these projects. If you’re interested in submitting content send to: subject line: content –

NOTICE: Also wild, hey, we have been getting a lot of submissions for this art show. We definitely plan on allowing everyone a chance to join up. We’ll be contacting those who have submitted within the next week. Get ready for a ton of updates.


The Fifth Instillation of Portculture at Urban South Brewery

Saturday May 19th we celebrated the fifth instillation of the Portculture art show at Urban South Brewery. We had the honor of hosting this show in partnership with Pecha Kucha – a global network where creatives share their stories over a slideshow of images in a 20 x 20 format (20 slides with 20 seconds per slide). During the same time we announced our pledge to the ELLO creator’s network platform.

ELLO is a new social network platform that’s geared to helping artist gain more visibility and opportunity with their Artist Invite technology. They participate in global artists call helping artists have their work placed in galleries and publications across the globe.

We had the honor of introducing their site live to our audience before it begins spreading across the city of New Orleans.

Major thanks yet again to the many who supported our project and has allowed it to grow. Huge shout out to our family at Urban South Beer for keeping the arts scene thriving in New Orleans. It’s incredible to see how much we have accomplished in five months.

Our programs continue to evolve, please join us as we begin even newer chapters to empower the artists in New Orleans. Follow our story on ELLO to see featured artists and a behind the scenes look at our journey unfolding.
( ELLO @portculture )



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Whether you’re browsing the home page for featured article posts, enjoying new released music, learning about new events, or even applying to participate in our art showcases, we are sending out a heartfelt thank you for helping us reach 11,000+ total website views.

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Regardless, it means the world. We hope you find what you’re looking for, from new musical artists to listen to, to new visual artists to follow and admire their work.

We are a portal of culture. Welcome to our art society.

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Thank You for Collecting Artwork at Urban South

It’s completely outstanding to see the number of people who come out to our art showcases. This means the entire world to us that people come through in packs for this spectacle of an event to collect artwork. We feature an outstanding number of creative individuals from all walks of life.  The curated art shows we produce are meant for people to discover new talent that’s hiding throughout the city of New Orleans and surrounding cities. We plan to open the portal to even showcase artists from across the country. Our next art show is May 19th, if you are reading this and want to showcase your work with us, please give us your information, click me. If you don’t get an email back immediately do not be discouraged at all. We are consistently grinding to improve this experience, just stay in touch with us.

at anytime: 📧

We’re totally expanding. Thank you.

Exclusive Music Release of Friendkerrek’s Latest EP – EARTH MUSIC HD

Happy Earth Day folks. We sure love Mother Nature. You should too. Don’t liter and say no to plastic bags at the grocery store. Today we have the honor of presenting to your ears first the LATEST music from friendkerrek. His newest EP titled EARTH MUSIC HD is being streamed on our website before anywhere else. Come and rejoice with us the artistic work of upcoming beat maker friendkerrek.

For fans of lofi hip-hop, cult music, and beat tapes.


Altars & Oceans. An Art Show by Ida Floreak.

You might have seen some of Ida’s work at some of our art showcases. More so you probably have seen her work at galleries around Royal St. and Magazine St. in New Orleans. Or you might have noticed her work adorning the walls of exhibitions and studio tours.

Ida specializes in a specific archetypal pattern placement of gemstones, insects, and hand gestures. These oil paintings speak through your mind leaving you inside the world she’s created for you to interpret. Some may use the terms “photo realism” in describing her work.

Ida grew up in Massachusetts while spending time on the weekends in Maine facing rocky beaches and the upper Atlantic Ocean. As a child she was very fond of admiring insects. You know, being the “supposedly odd” little girl playing with bugs and sharing her findings. It’s through these experiences as a child she carried over that appreciation into her work now in adulthood.

Left: Leeaux – Right: Ida Floreak

Alters and Oceans was the presentation of the inner workings of her mind.

We arrived early to ask a series of questions, being huge fans of her work, we had to get the goods before the crowd began rolling in.

Tell us what’s up!

Ida: I grew up in New England, Massachusetts. I lived in Maine for a little while as I was really little. There were rocky beaches and tidal pools.

Are these beetles that you have seen or are they ones you imagine?

A lot of these are found and collected and from volunteering at the insect-terrarium.

How long have you been living in New Orleans?

I’ve been living in New Orleans for a little over seven years and It’s been about two or three years where I decided to begin painting full time.

I worked in the movie industry at first for quite a while. That took up most of my time and soon I looked down one day and realized I haven’t created a painting in like two years! I was miserable!

Do you plan to take art and make a living from this (because we’re sure you can)

Oh yeah yeah! It’s getting there, you know. I’m not rolling in it!

How did you get connected to getting the show?

The Ten Gallery is a collective I’m apart of. I’ve been apart of almost since I moved here. There’s about ten of us. Kind of where the name came from. Sometimes there’s fifteen. Sometimes there’s seven, but we all kind of pay monthly. Through this I am in charge of hanging my work, wine and snacks, you know.

Do you think there are like.. witches that collect your work?


How long does it usually take to work on a piece?

It depends! Sometimes it’s like a month or two (in reference to larger pieces)

During the day how much time do you dedicate to a piece?

I try to be in the studio from 8am to 5pm at least. I’m not working full-time, but I try to treat it like that. It’s important, it’s so easy to y’know, there’s no boss. You’re your own boss. There’s always something you can be doing. From start to finish. For oil paintings I can finish relatively quickly. I can knock one out in a couple of days. You know when you’re on a roll, you hit  something and just keep going.

We began admiring her work and ended up lost in them. Transmission ended.

Despite the weather, her friends, fans, and new lovers of her work piled in sharing complimentary wine and discussing the immense detail in each piece.

We look forward to sharing more of her work as time goes on. We hope that her career blossoms to where more high end collectors begin understanding the magick that truly exist within these delicate pieces.

For more of Ida’s work here are a few links to connect with her ::

Ida Floreak

Instagram @idafloreak | ELLO | Facebook |

Remodeling, Reconstruction, Resurrection,

Three years is a long time. With these passing years a lot of growth has landed in the field of Portculture. We have been helping artists expand their reach, open doorways to new opportunity, and together we created a supportive family of artists who genuinely appreciate the dedicated artisans affiliated with this community.

Now as we make our way into the next new year, we are going to be reconstructing the inner workings of our project to provide a more improved experience when entering our realm. It’s an honor to say we have been growing in numbers with more contributors and members ranging from journalists, to photographers, and even print-makers.

We have been asked to join forces with a few organizations around New Orleans, so that called for more bodies under the brain. We’ll keep you posted on how that works out. If you are interested in being apart of our creative project feel free to email

We have new tabs on the way, some include the promotion of our pal’s events around New Orleans as well as a store to collect art and gear.

We also have a new way to never miss a showcase we produce. Email your first and last name to to be added onto an official Portculture mailing list. You will get notified in advance for upcoming gatherings and art exhibitions.

A lot of this is unreal. Thank you for supporting us. It’s certainly guiding us to where we need to be.

With love,


Three Years Ago An Idea Was Birthed Into The Gulf-Coast

There is a never ending passion that burns inside of us as creators. Through our similarities we become this growing collective of dedicated artists. Our skills vary from visual arts, photography, musical performance and composition, to even event curation. We do this because we believe in art. There are no borders when you gather to appreciate the arts. This was all made more apparent through last three days. .

Thank you. Truly. Thank you from our entire family.

You all made these three years completely worth it. It means the world to be able to host social events with our friends, family, and fans of this project. We plan to continue to deliver these experiences for years to come. Initially by design we wanted to become a new standard on how to discover new and incredible talent.

We embarked on a journey to celebrate three years of life. From Shreveport, to Lafayette, to New Orleans, the Portculture music and arts experience touched down in some of the most incredible places.

The Agora Borealis in Shreveport, Basin Arts Studio in Lafayette, and Breathing Waters Gardens in New Orleans were all brilliant hosts and locations for us. Thank you for allowing us to open a portal to celebrate the arts with you and your community. This was honestly a huge success. We are entirely too grateful for being given this opportunity. One of the coolest parts was supporting our sponsors Urban South Brewery and spreading their lovely product along Louisiana just in time of their 2 year anniversary.

This man is named Jacob. He is the president and founder of Urban South. Congratulations for your most welcoming and successful brewery. You have helped us more than you could possibly imagine.

This adventure was everything we could have asked for. We look forward to coming back and turning on the Portculture experience again to keep them growing and developing each time. We want to send love to all of the performing artists who shared the stages with us. This is certainly an experience you have to witness in person to fully understand and appreciate. Discovering new talent in the static of ads and the inconsistency of algorithms you might assume that the web and how to find new work is being programed.

We want to be a window into what’s new and completely worth your time.

To everyone who was apart of this and if you’re reading this right now, we can’t express how thankful we are to have you involved.

Thank you Katy Larsen, John Hampson, Landon Miller, The Intro, Jawuan Ford, Caveman Raveman Magician, Isaiah 2.0, Clare Cook, Clare Cook’s Husband, Channel 15 News Lafayette, NEFA Records, Phareaux, Pauly Steez, Weird Death, Slow Coyote, Gavin McQueen, Nuddie Piper, YDS, Proper Channels, Jay Tusko, Kip, Crivory, Alex D Kenny, Jacob from Breathing Waters, Jacob who cooked up the tacos at Breathing Waters, Friendkerrek, thestreetcorner, Hellboy.Hellboy, Rapbaum, E.T. Deaux, Pandamason, GloomyNation, Welcome Center, Evan Troxell, Jacob Landry, Midge, Urban South Brewery, and most importantly the friends, family, and fans who helped make these dates even possible. When you could have just been at home hanging out on Facebook or Twitter or being a thirst-bucket, instead you entered this realm with us. We owe you our love from now until the end of space time. Thank you for helping our dreams become a reality.

We honestly wish there was enough time in the day to write about each moment that happens within the different compartments of Portculture but that’s where we leave the option to follow the #portculture tag on any social network platform.

If you ever want to attend any of our showcases we would recommend emailing your first and last name to

Thank you……