Fresh Tunes for You to Enjoy by Overly Talented Creators

These tracks being featured in this post are from a collection of newly released jams from some of our most loved and newly connected peers. We have been giving a lot of attention to the latest being produced within our degree of separation so we hope you enjoy these featured artists as much as we do. Please take your time and be consumed with culture. You can’t possibly go bored. Here’s your chance to discover new music.
















Saturday, March 24th 2018 – Our Third Edition Artisans Show & Market

Located along the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana rests a dedicated society of crafts makers. Throughout the week beer masters get to work daily brewing up some of the finest beer being served up along the Gulf-Coast. It’s when once a month that other emerging talented crafts makers of the arts assemble along side these beer gods under one roof.

When this happens a portal opens up at Urban South Brewery, and we become the gatekeepers. Welcome to Portculture.

We are a society of artists and musicians helping build artistic value by showcasing some of the most talented New Orleans based artists and creators who find themselves inevitably mixed into our network. The greatest gift to the world we could possibly give is creating opportunity for the hard working artist. Portculture began by supporting the dedicated  artist and it’s always carried this mission. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Portculture is a collection of talent. When you make your adventure to New Orleans, we hope you end up scheduling a day to visit the portal we are opening. The Portculture x Urban South art show weekends are turning out to become a majority of the public’s favorite Saturday to discover new artists. We are fulfilling our purpose and it really means a lot to the team and family behind this.

The next artisans show & market is taking place April 21st, 2018. This will be our fourth edition art show. This date is right between French Quarter Fest & Jazz Fest. We look forward to seeing the friends and family who are able to make it out. We imagine a ton of art collectors will be in town, so we hope this becomes a go-to during that time.

Portculture is the arts renaissance of the Gulf-Coast.

RSVP for a facebook reminder here, or email us for a personal reminder at

( p.s. here’s the video from our February 24th artisans show )



The Renaissance Will Not Be Televised #portculture

Our two colleagues Ben Guidry and Myron Saul (together known as thestreetcorner), are hosting an arts and hip-hop social in Lafayette, Louisiana.

We want to take this moment to introduce the duo as Portculture’s representatives/ambassadors currently based in Lafayette. They produce outstanding and catchy bodies of work musically and are highly active in the scene around them. Ben Guidry released a Portculture exclusive track November of 2016 as his politically charged project called Awkward Glances. Myron also publishes music as Lucid Dreams. In late 2017, Myron released his EP the Delicate Finesse, and you can listen to it here.

Join them this weekend for their event Won’t Be Televised at The Wurst Biergarten (537 Jefferson St. Lafayette, LA)

taken from the event page:

“This Friday at The Wurst Biergarten, thestreetcorner will be hosting WON’T BE TELEVISED, a hip hop and art event like no other in Acadiana. Only a $5 cover. Featuring performances by well known Lafayette hip hop acts Loaded Team Porch Squad, Armed Rhymery, NEFA Records, and Swelly Swell! We’ll also have Swollen Ant in the building keeping everyone laced up in the FRESHEST gear. We fightin’ hard this year as artists, our weapons of choice… a pen and a mic. The revolution…”

LINKS : / facebook / thestreetcorner

ALSO: released today [ 1/24/18 ]


Here’s to Another Year for #portculture, the Gulf-Coast is the Creative Change

Another year of pursuing creative projects is starring us down now. Deeper down the rabbit hole we’ll go. We can’t wait to share our ideas and what we plan to bring to the table to help better the lives of our artistic peers.

Thank you for the support as well, this is turning out better than expected.

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Tropical Urban Street Magic (TUSM) #portculture

We’re bringing in another year of art and music celebration. We were inactive after spring of 2017 getting other projects rolling behind the scenes. We’re now able to sustain this vast of a vision more effectively with a few new platforms, so thank you again for the patience.

We have an art show on Saturday, January 13th. We’re inviting the public to join us at Urban South Brewery. 5PM. This project features a roster of gulf-coast’s rather loved creators in the tap room as a new artisan show & market. It’s real inclusive, just sign-up and share the posts, tag us, etc. No vendor fees is the wave for 2018.

Starting January we will also be releasing artist features on our Ello (the creator’s network) page. It will accumulate views as time goes on from the network that already explores the site. We encourage you to make the switch if you are over facebook content and would rather more of a relevant artistic news feed.

We’re curating a lot of special projects this year for the tricentennial. Sign up to get our emails.

Austin Rapbaum Releases “Forget It” – Another Work of Art

It’s our pride and joy to share some of the latest Gulf-Coast’s talented musicians and creators. It’s also more than an honor to be able to work with them. Austin Rapbaum has spent hours on in producing and mastering his work to make sure its more than just a song you can listen to just once. Rapbaum is your New Orleans by way of Philly producer and rapper who is highly active in the arts community around him. From being a DJ at events, to running tours through the coast, to visits back home in Philly to collaborate with other musicians. Austin runs a professional artist studio in his home called Soul Sonix producing some of the finest emerging artists in NOLA.

“Forget It” was released today and you can be the first to jam this before other major sites are hosts of his music.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

soundcloud | twitter | instagram

Photo taken by Evan Thibodeaux


Mike Hazel Returns to Our Radar and Takes to the Stage, Tuesday February 21st

Renaissance man Mike Hazel, usually seen out at the function spreading positive vibes, wisdom, painting or being a dope lyricist- takes to the stage with us again at the MARDI GRAS LTD showcase at EIFFEL SOCIETY on Tuesday February 21st. Mike Hazel released LettersToADriveThruWindow a month ago on Janaury 15th. This six track EP is a total gem that we think you all should give a listen to sooner than later.

The melodies and rhymes of this melancholy monotone genius will leave you asking for more.

Below you can watch the video for his single Wendii and listen to the LetterToADriveThruWindow EP.
instagram | twitter | soundcloud

Find out more about the Mardi Gras showcase here:

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Valentines Day Music Releases

It’s the day you either love or hate

Valentines day is known throughout the world as a day for lovers, or a day for forever loners. This is okay. You don’t always need to have someone on your side, but it’s nice sometimes. You honestly save a lot of money, get more accomplished, and a touch of freedom every now and then. Luckily for you, we are here to gift you with some singles that have been released today, no greater gift than art right? Marry your art, never feel alone again.

Austin Rapbaum – Slam Piece

Peep the new instrumental from the mind of Austin Rapbaum himself, titled Slam Piece. He’s cooking up greatness in the Soul Sonix studio lately. So d o n t s l e e p!

E.T. – Come Over

Evan Thibodeaux releases a new instrumental by the month this year for his project with Khromethesia, today’s release is for Love Etc.

RARE: Exclusive release by Last Minute Louie

The overly mysterious lover, Last Minute Louie has recently released an audio mix today. We are not sure how long this will exist on the internet, so we recommend you taking some time to listen.

Dapper Dan: Releases MAKE OUT POINT EP

Rapper Dapper Dan hits the internet with his highly anticipated EP titled Make Out Point
Probably the most romantic project you will hear in 2017 says PANDAMASON cult leader. Tell us what you think,

Will Premieres: Takeoff Ft. Cam Meekins

Hip-hop artist will. premieres on #PORTCULTURE with “takeoff”. He’s been on our radar, it’s a pleasure to have you on our valentines music release!

Baton Rouge Beat Maker, FRIENDKERREK Releases Latest Track: Whitetiger

Overly excited to share this Valentine’s day love with our own brother friendkerrek, steady at it turning out dope beats regularly,
Listen to whitetiger now,,

Dark Passions is A Fashion Short Film:

Dark Passions is a fashion short film that follows Gucci Prince$$(Lyric Olivia) on an unexpected adventure to the skate park, but this time is different because she meets a guy(Javan Lessane) who sparks passion in her.

$chlimm Premieres onto #PORTCULTURE with DopeBitxhDab featuring DJ Hollygrove

The problem child, psychopath ,wanna be swag rapper formally know as $chlimm with the money sign has free reign over the city of New Orleans.With ZERO chill,a borrowed bottle of wine, and an attitude problem they enjoy a day on top of the Jungle Gym.
Watch the latest video from $chlimm

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