Introducing: PREACHER – An Artist Feature

We would like to take the time to introduce PREACHER, a multidisciplinary strategic painter. Self taught and “pretty simple” with no formal art education….. he says. PREACHER creates works of art that balance on the lines of popculture, political, and subliminal. His medium of choice is wheat paste, but for gallery-based work mixed media and acrylic/aerosol on canvas or reclaimed objects are used.

I discovered PORTCULTURE through a local art event and was invited to showcase in the upcoming shows.

Do you enjoy this program?

Yes it provides me a lot of exposure.

What inspires you to create?

Emotions and societal pressure.

Where do you see yourself in the next year in New Orleans

Hopefully in the middle of painting a mural somewhere..

What do you love about New Orleans?

I enjoy how it’s a spread out urban city, Mainly the architecture and history.

What is your favorite Urban South Beer?

Coop’d Up

Below is his artist statement:

PREACHER began working under this alias towards the end of 2016. Known

mostly for his widespread wheat-pasting campaigns, Preacher resides and practices canvas based fine art in his hometown in Alabama. Most prolific in New Orleans, La., the contemporary folk/street-artist incorporates many advertising themes and techniques into his public works. The medium of choice for this muralist is wheat paste. For gallery-based work, mixed media and acrylic/aerosol are commonly used.

Known to use several types of paper (from wax blueprints, vintage music sheets, WWI journal entries, etc.) in his works, Preacher experiments with the concepts of familiarity and historical depth. To connect with the viewer on an emotional level, realistic portraits and characters in a combination with text and neutral color palette are intended to trigger visual curiosity; yet juxtaposed with drips to confuse the viewer. Though based in the “bible-belt” of the Southeast, Preacher’s plethora of work is not religiously charged. A visual dialogue is created in most of his works, drawing from themes of economics and commonly accompanied with aggressive sticker, moniker, and wheat pasting techniques



A New Level of Interaction

This summer we will be introducing a new way to interact with the Portculture network.

As you already can imagine, with growth comes a grip of updates with us. We are elated to share these announcements. It’s only natural that we begin exploring new avenues to gain more exposure and visibility for not just us but the artists we support and showcase.

We’ve been working with the incredible team at Ello, “the creator’s network”, helping our artists gain exposure from an entirely different platform. At our fifth instillation of the Portculture art show we announced our pledge to the site and provided their Not For Print publications, stickers, and enamel pins for the audience to indulge. Hopefully our readers remember that. From this we no longer desire to post into the void of Facebook sharing our art and story. For Facebook we will: publish updates/articles made to our site, share announcements/accomplishments, and publish events for our remaining audience to help discover when we are hosting an exhibition or concert tour.

Using Ello our artwork is much more appreciated by true fans of art who flock to the site to explore and discover new artists and creators. Yes. This is a new frontier for creativity. No. Ello isn’t for everyone. Which is fine. We plan to use our account to showcase and feature artists in New Orleans to our growing network on Ello’s platform. We also will use our platform to share private events and behind the scenes growth for Portculture.

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This summer we will be regularly activating our email newsletter. This is actually really exciting as we launched an email update the other day and it was received well by our friends who have been subscribed to us since the origin of our website. No unsubscribes even after we gave the option to. Who knows. Portculture isn’t for everyone either. Subscribe: join us here.

A good way to also RSVP for reminders for anything Portculture related is to email stating you’re interested in being in the loop of our art events. This also allows you to be guest-listed at a majority of our events by receiving discounts on entry when there is an option for it.

The next art show will be on June 23rd at Urban South. If you are an artist interested in showcasing your work please make sure you give us your information. The sign up is really easy and takes no more than five minutes to fill out. Giving us your information helps locate you to remain in contact as well as send you the run down for the event. (Including flier, event details, set up, break down, etc.) Don’t sleep on this. It’s a solid opportunity to sell your art in the middle of the summer. Just plan with us. RSVP today.

Hope you’re enjoying life right now. We hope you’re remaining inspired. Being an artist is a wild lifestyle. Our team is dedicated to making sure we clear a new path for the dedicated artist. We are the gulf-coast art renaissance.

More updates soon to come. Music releases, artist interviews, and more coming up.


Introducing Patrick Rulh, aka @dirty_funq


Introducing New Orleans based artist Patrick Rulh (aka @dirty_funq)
Patrick, 26, is an artist based in New Orleans. He came across Portculture from seeing posts on Instagram from artists floating around our society.

“I love this program”

“This gathering has increased the exposure of my art to a wider audience also allowing me to network effectively with a lot of fellow creatives in the city”

“It’s created an environment for me that helps provide a sense of belonging. Everyone I’ve met through Portculture so far has been incredibly genuine and supportive. There’s a lot of love here inspiring me to keep creating”

“I’m greatly influenced by the energy and aesthetics of my surroundings; the small nuances and details in things. Also seeing people create dope things plays a huge role in inspiring me to create. Whether it’s someone crushing a mural or watching somebody do a sick line in a skate video- seeing people push themselves to the limits makes me push harder to improve. All in all having the ability to create is essential to balancing my equilibrium and sense of self fulfillment”

We asked Patrick where does he see himself in the next year pursuing art here his reply was,

“I see myself continuing to network and improve my skills and vision as a creative. I’d like to display my artwork at a variety of venues across the city and also delve into video work a bit more.”

What do you love about New Orleans?

“I love New Orleans for its vibrant energy. Once you spend a substantial amount of time here, everywhere else seems boring. Nowhere else looks or feels like New Orleans.”

We definitely also had to find out what is your favorite Urban South Beer? Holy Roller 🍻

Find @dirty_funq and a collection of other brilliant artists this Saturday here at Urban South- 5 to 9PM we will be presenting a fresh wave of creativity.

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Fresh Tunes for You to Enjoy by Overly Talented Creators

These tracks being featured in this post are from a collection of newly released jams from some of our most loved and newly connected peers. We have been giving a lot of attention to the latest being produced within our degree of separation so we hope you enjoy these featured artists as much as we do. Please take your time and be consumed with culture. You can’t possibly go bored. Here’s your chance to discover new music.
















Saturday, March 24th 2018 – Our Third Edition Artisans Show & Market

Located along the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana rests a dedicated society of crafts makers. Throughout the week beer masters get to work daily brewing up some of the finest beer being served up along the Gulf-Coast. It’s when once a month that other emerging talented crafts makers of the arts assemble along side these beer gods under one roof.

When this happens a portal opens up at Urban South Brewery, and we become the gatekeepers. Welcome to Portculture.

We are a society of artists and musicians helping build artistic value by showcasing some of the most talented New Orleans based artists and creators who find themselves inevitably mixed into our network. The greatest gift to the world we could possibly give is creating opportunity for the hard working artist. Portculture began by supporting the dedicated¬† artist and it’s always carried this mission. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Portculture is a collection of talent. When you make your adventure to New Orleans, we hope you end up scheduling a day to visit the portal we are opening. The Portculture x Urban South art show weekends are turning out to become a majority of the public’s favorite Saturday to discover new artists. We are fulfilling our purpose and it really means a lot to the team and family behind this.

The next artisans show & market is taking place April 21st, 2018. This will be our fourth edition art show. This date is right between French Quarter Fest & Jazz Fest. We look forward to seeing the friends and family who are able to make it out. We imagine a ton of art collectors will be in town, so we hope this becomes a go-to during that time.

Portculture is the arts renaissance of the Gulf-Coast.

RSVP for a facebook reminder here, or email us for a personal reminder at

( p.s. here’s the video from our February 24th artisans show )



#Portculture: an Art Experience. [February 24th]

Join us Saturday, February 24th for the second edition of the Portculture artisans show. We’re celebrating February with a new array of creators and designers as well as featuring close friends who make some of the illest jewelry ever. We are going to have some brand new pieces of our own as well. Can’t wait to share! Save the date.

Set a Facebook reminder if you need to.

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Tropical Urban Street Magic (TUSM) #portculture

We’re bringing in another year of art and music celebration. We were inactive after spring of 2017 getting other projects rolling behind the scenes. We’re now able to sustain this vast of a vision more effectively with a few new platforms, so thank you again for the patience.

We have an art show on Saturday, January 13th. We’re inviting the public to join us at Urban South Brewery. 5PM. This project features a roster of gulf-coast’s rather loved creators in the tap room as a new artisan show & market. It’s real inclusive, just sign-up and share the posts, tag us, etc. No vendor fees is the wave for 2018.

Starting January we will also be releasing artist features on our Ello (the creator’s network) page. It will accumulate views as time goes on from the network that already explores the site. We encourage you to make the switch if you are over facebook content and would rather more of a relevant artistic news feed.

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