Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

That’s right. Nothing worth having comes easy. Greetings to the June weather and the new month. We’re entering half a year of making progress in the arts community helping provide a new platform to showcase art and network. It’s been our duty as artists to help make the world a better place for creatives.

June 23rd you can come scope out this emergent art show with us at Urban South Brewery. They have been completely outstanding to work with. It’s beautiful to have values align to where we work in tandem with them to build and create as their arts program essentially. Together we’re bringing a new light to the arts of New Orleans.

We’re also looking for individuals looking to work with on these projects. If you’re interested in submitting content send to: subject line: content –

NOTICE: Also wild, hey, we have been getting a lot of submissions for this art show. We definitely plan on allowing everyone a chance to join up. We’ll be contacting those who have submitted within the next week. Get ready for a ton of updates.


Saturday, March 24th 2018 – Our Third Edition Artisans Show & Market

Located along the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana rests a dedicated society of crafts makers. Throughout the week beer masters get to work daily brewing up some of the finest beer being served up along the Gulf-Coast. It’s when once a month that other emerging talented crafts makers of the arts assemble along side these beer gods under one roof.

When this happens a portal opens up at Urban South Brewery, and we become the gatekeepers. Welcome to Portculture.

We are a society of artists and musicians helping build artistic value by showcasing some of the most talented New Orleans based artists and creators who find themselves inevitably mixed into our network. The greatest gift to the world we could possibly give is creating opportunity for the hard working artist. Portculture began by supporting the dedicated  artist and it’s always carried this mission. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Portculture is a collection of talent. When you make your adventure to New Orleans, we hope you end up scheduling a day to visit the portal we are opening. The Portculture x Urban South art show weekends are turning out to become a majority of the public’s favorite Saturday to discover new artists. We are fulfilling our purpose and it really means a lot to the team and family behind this.

The next artisans show & market is taking place April 21st, 2018. This will be our fourth edition art show. This date is right between French Quarter Fest & Jazz Fest. We look forward to seeing the friends and family who are able to make it out. We imagine a ton of art collectors will be in town, so we hope this becomes a go-to during that time.

Portculture is the arts renaissance of the Gulf-Coast.

RSVP for a facebook reminder here, or email us for a personal reminder at

( p.s. here’s the video from our February 24th artisans show )



Thank you for making our second edition artisan show a success.

It’s truly a honor to have been able to gather again at Urban South Brewery for the arts. We worked the entire day in partnership with Urban South’s beer release and presented a fresh showcase of visual art, taxidermy, glass blowing, brands, painters, and more. Thank you so much for our patrons and philanthropists of the arts. This creative community is the life blood for a future generation that decided to build and foster a community by setting foundation where expression and passion rule.

Together we are the arts renaissance of the gulf-coast.

March 24th is the next art show and we’re expecting this line-up of creators to really leave you in awe. Please rsvp and set a reminder here, or via facebook.

greetings, welcome to the project.

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this landing page is a list of articles and features of creative people, projects, events, information and anything possible we consider crucial to the arts renaissance of the gulf-coast aka THIRD COAST.

portculture is the emerging talent. we out here. hello.

our second project is now our first artisans market curated and hosted by PORTCULTURE. by artists for artists arts market. that means there are no surprise fees or tax required to host or hang or display your artwork. it’ll be taking place (starting on second saturdays) at URBAN SOUTH BREWERY.

it’s incredible that this is even happening. we have past posts about our first attempt at being a public arts channel for a renaissance, peep the society.

follow our journey.