The artwork of OTTO SPLOTCH: a MAGIC BOX featured artist.

Cartoonist Otto Splotch

Otto is one of the featured artists for MAGIC BOX 2, Jan. Friday the 13th 2017. His grimy characters will take you on a rather interesting trip of self discovery… for some odd reason. His illustrations invoke a sense of meaty humanism. Kind of a slimy meaty humanism. The color pallets Otto chooses reel you in, and the abundance of body hair, eye balls, and ….phallic swords keep you. His illustrations are really unlike no other, his technique is certainly eye catching to say the least.

Otto also has developed a series of comic books (they are extremely well made) filled with hilarious scenarios, or awkward moments that you could relate to.

Come meet him and the other artists and eat pizza with us. That would totally be the move.

This is a free art show, we encourage the purchasing of coffee or specialty drinks. We are very thankful to be hosting our art shows with The Rook Cafe. $pread the love.

Learn more about the MAGIC BOX art show here.

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