Thank You for Collecting Artwork at Urban South

It’s completely outstanding to see the number of people who come out to our art showcases. This means the entire world to us that people come through in packs for this spectacle of an event to collect artwork. We feature an outstanding number of creative individuals from all walks of life.  The curated art shows we produce are meant for people to discover new talent that’s hiding throughout the city of New Orleans and surrounding cities. We plan to open the portal to even showcase artists from across the country. Our next art show is May 19th, if you are reading this and want to showcase your work with us, please give us your information, click me. If you don’t get an email back immediately do not be discouraged at all. We are consistently grinding to improve this experience, just stay in touch with us.

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We’re totally expanding. Thank you.

Portculture was a guest on WTUL – 91.5 FM

Thank you for allowing us to share the progress that’s been made for us at Portculture. We are a collective of dedicated artists building this organization from the ground up. It truly means the world that our message was shared over the airwaves in New Orleans. We really love the work we do and the growing artist family that supports us. Thank you WTUL for helping us become immortal.

Without you we wouldn’t exist.

Portculture is you.

Portculture is us.

(If you were unable to catch the frequencies, we plan to track down a link so that we can further promote the message and share the updates that are coming for us in the near future.)

Thank you for making our second edition artisan show a success.

It’s truly a honor to have been able to gather again at Urban South Brewery for the arts. We worked the entire day in partnership with Urban South’s beer release and presented a fresh showcase of visual art, taxidermy, glass blowing, brands, painters, and more. Thank you so much for our patrons and philanthropists of the arts. This creative community is the life blood for a future generation that decided to build and foster a community by setting foundation where expression and passion rule.

Together we are the arts renaissance of the gulf-coast.

March 24th is the next art show and we’re expecting this line-up of creators to really leave you in awe. Please rsvp and set a reminder here, or via facebook.

Portculture x Urban South: grand opening redux


Unusual, harsh weather didn’t stop everyone from going out Saturday night in New Orleans. Behind its doors, populace kept the Big Easy alive for our Art Market’s grand opening at Urban South Brewery. Blatantly defying the weather’s condition and acting as shields from the cold in January, Quesadilla Company’s food truck and the sounds of Austin Rapbaum rolled onto Tchoupitoulas Street, inviting anyone and everyone to come and celebrate with us. Each person was instantly greeted by games of cornhole, foosball and pool inside a factory seemingly made of beer, pallets, and brick.

It became quickly obvious that the night was more than an art market but, rather, a platform for artists to meet and collaborate. Behind the blinking strobe of arcade cabinets in the back, tables were made up of Goofy Froot and the usual suspects of Portculture. Smiles and cheers held onto their Urban South brews as they warmed.

Gavin McQueen’s Mood-lifting positivity echoed excitement throughout the night, solidifying that it was more than just a market. This night marked the beginning of a journey into a portal found deep underground; a vertex to which anyone can find a world of pop culture and art. Welcome to Thirdcoast.

Author/Writer: G. Manson
Music + Art + Culture

[ footage filmed and edited by @etdeaux. music selection from @austinrapbaum & @friendkerrek ]

Portculture is you. Portculture is us.

We lack words for how incredible the evening was for our grand opening art show and market. From a rooted artistic point of view, we consider what happened last night to be a forward step for arts culture and the society of philanthropy. We watched art being sold right off the walls. We witnessed collectors meet and greet new or familiar artists and take their work home with them. Urban South Brewery was brimming with creativity and culture. It was SUCH a honor to host with our family there.

We have so many people to thank. We already began calling our peers and thanking them for coming out, not even kidding we wanted to hug everyone in the room at the same time.

Thank you for helping us reach a new level. Last nigh was something FOR the artist, it’s our job together to move culture forward. Thank you for supporting the arts and helping keep us alive.

We hope you enjoy the photos captured from our journey.

View all photos here.

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The next art show is taking place February 10th.