Introducing: PREACHER – An Artist Feature

We would like to take the time to introduce PREACHER, a multidisciplinary strategic painter. Self taught and “pretty simple” with no formal art education….. he says. PREACHER creates works of art that balance on the lines of popculture, political, and subliminal. His medium of choice is wheat paste, but for gallery-based work mixed media and acrylic/aerosol on canvas or reclaimed objects are used.

I discovered PORTCULTURE through a local art event and was invited to showcase in the upcoming shows.

Do you enjoy this program?

Yes it provides me a lot of exposure.

What inspires you to create?

Emotions and societal pressure.

Where do you see yourself in the next year in New Orleans

Hopefully in the middle of painting a mural somewhere..

What do you love about New Orleans?

I enjoy how it’s a spread out urban city, Mainly the architecture and history.

What is your favorite Urban South Beer?

Coop’d Up

Below is his artist statement:

PREACHER began working under this alias towards the end of 2016. Known

mostly for his widespread wheat-pasting campaigns, Preacher resides and practices canvas based fine art in his hometown in Alabama. Most prolific in New Orleans, La., the contemporary folk/street-artist incorporates many advertising themes and techniques into his public works. The medium of choice for this muralist is wheat paste. For gallery-based work, mixed media and acrylic/aerosol are commonly used.

Known to use several types of paper (from wax blueprints, vintage music sheets, WWI journal entries, etc.) in his works, Preacher experiments with the concepts of familiarity and historical depth. To connect with the viewer on an emotional level, realistic portraits and characters in a combination with text and neutral color palette are intended to trigger visual curiosity; yet juxtaposed with drips to confuse the viewer. Though based in the “bible-belt” of the Southeast, Preacher’s plethora of work is not religiously charged. A visual dialogue is created in most of his works, drawing from themes of economics and commonly accompanied with aggressive sticker, moniker, and wheat pasting techniques



Pizza With LUKE BANTER – A Portculture Exclusive

The day is Wednesday, November 30th and we just arrived at a quaint spot in Mid-City area of New Orleans called G’s Pizza. An uber makes his way to the spot. I’m greeted with water and a lemon while Luke Banter makes his way in through the side door. We shake hands. He takes a seat. The time is now 1:33 ish. Brilliant.

Luke and I order the Wednesday special. Can you believe this, it’s one large pizza and the second large comes for $1.00- insane. So we had the pleasure of enjoying two pizzas split in fours – one chicken bacon ranch / cajun shrimp and the other a rainbow / greek pizza. G’s Pizza is life. (Web)

Two days over twenty Luke asks me how we ended up doing what we do with portculture, how we created “our own thing” and honestly I gave him the rundown. We began in Shreveport, Louisiana promoting for a very long time off and on throughout the scene, then developed branding of our organized events as Portculture in early 2015- then partnering with a few friends along the way to make it more official. In turn made me ask- How long have you been making music as Luke Banter? We caught onto Luke through a social interaction on twitter. He connected with us because he believes in connecting with the scene, learning about it, caring about it.

“I’ve been making music for a couple days over two years- I was born two years ago”

Curious me, wondering how a two year old is this active, I ask where are you going to school?

“ Somewhere part-time at some school on Freret” he responds. Neat, that’s a cool street sometimes.

Through our interaction I learned a lot about this rapper. Luke sometimes wishes to be a producer. He carries a few titles under his belt as well, he’s very into throwing events as Decorated, strongly wanting to build a platform is a direction he desires aside from instagram and twitter. Like a web site that he promos artists on to some nature. We are certainly looking at a potential partnership, so stay tuned for these pop ups.
Luke has performed at Eiffel Society, The Little Gem Saloon, Afterburn, Republic, Tipitina’s.


The conscious and caring soul begins to talk about his career taking a sling shot effect. We were discussing the benefits of putting a lot of work into the NOW for the LATER. Which is kind of what we are all doing “building our resume / portfolio” he sees it as also. Which is very healthy to understand as an artists. Luke feels “if you don’t have enough credibility behind  you, not too many people would be interested, being active is great. Being active and progressive so that people around me will be as well

Definitely some good shit” as he snacks into a slice of chicken bacon ranch pizza.


We get a little causal, enjoying the pizza for a bit and it strikes me to say, hey where do you see yourself in two years?

He’s really excited to speak on this.

“In two years, 2018 of December – I went there in my mind just now, and it was real-” as he chews into a slice of pizza. He says “in two years i’m comfortable – I have a very busy schedule-”

What do you think it would consist of?

“Recording, writing songs for myself and other people (he mentions ghostwriting out of passion for others possibly), managing a band or another artist, touring and throwing events, thats it”

Hopefully in other cities right?

“-of course”

He brings up that originally he’s from Chicago. Most of the people who listen to my music are from Chicago. I go to ask, do you see yourself remaining independent or DIY for a while or the entirety of your career?

“Yeah I do- Hey what are your favorite rappers, or people you really dig right now?”

I said – Chester Watson is pretty cool,

“Do you like Gucci Mane?”

He’s alright.

“Are you able to separate artists from their art?- like who you are and your art”

We began the discussion then of how most artists are immediately inseparable from their music, that its very common to be see as DIRECTLY apart of what you are listening to. We see that it shapes a lot of the audience you have as well as an artist. We kind of went back and forth about it with an example of how you yourself are talented and you make these certain sounds, but you are going home as a normal person. We talked about Kanye, Luke says “hes a bit lost in the sauce. It’s not his fault


I proceed to say a lot of my favorite rappers are my friends, Austin Rapbaum, Samwyse Ganja, I like E.T. – I like $uicide Boy$, Mike Hazel, Allen Snow from FL, Lil Baphomet – I’m a new Luke Banter fan too.

“I don’t really procrastinate when it comes to getting things done with my art/passion so I give it my all, as far as being an independent artist, you have to be ruthless but also really respectful. Some people really don’t find that balance- I have a lot of room in the industry to be different”

Do you believe in magic?

“Haha yeah of course but- it has to be uh- like what I do is magic basically and the more I do to it, the more magical it becomes”

Do you consider yourself a sorcerer?

“I- I don’t know. I’m definitely- nah i’m not a sorcerer. I think everyone has access to magic. I think everyone would need to figure out what it is. The changes in your life then will seem magical”


As he gives the constant message in his works, to just reach out to him and talk to him if you see him, he encourages human interaction. He carries the vibe that he does in his music- the realness of relationship between artists and the people who admire his work. He always wishes to preserve the relationship between his lovers and friends who help him become who he is. It’s in his blood to accomplish his goals and reach the next milestone.

He reached into his backpack and hands me this work of art/comicbook called Earth’s Boring. I was completely smittened at that point. I can’t wait to read this comic. It’s based off a series of songs he recently put out. You can read this book for yourself, pick one up in person at 8200 Oak st. It’s on sale. Shop local.

“Artists should be explaining what some people can’t. Literature is so contagious, it’s going to influence you somehow. I’m trying to be positive because there’s not a lot that is, it’s life- why not be this way. It’s showing respect , giving a fuck a little bit”

This industry is just weird, people don’t just get big overnight”  Banter states, “Doing these gigs and making music is really memorable to me, these events / shows kind of keep me living- it HAS to happen” he says as he slams his fists onto the table.

He firmly believes in watering your plants, taking care of your family and the people who help you grow.

“I want to do something that makes people proud, I want my family to be proud of what I’m doing”


Luke Banter has a mixtape coming out in a month called Love Stings, so when you are scrolling through your news feed, give that a listen or a share as well. It’ll help.

We realized how much time flew by, concluded our pizza date with some Street Fighter. It was a very humbling experience to learn about this artist, Luke. A very passionate nice fellow of the arts. We can see his drive taking him far.

It’s through interactions like these we find ourselves lucky to be doing the work that we do as portculture. Getting to know emerging artists in this nature has been one of the main source of fuel for this project. We gravitate towards those who are giving it their all in their craft.

So we encourage you to give his social links a view / buzz you can listen to his music here or here and here

View his story and life here:

Instagram: @lukebanterTwitter: @_lukebanter
Soundcloud: @luke-banter

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Thank you for taking the time to read this excerpt of our pizza adventure, stick around for more featured artists, subscribe here to know when the next pop up is happening, we would even love to hear from you. We do this because we believe in you.

Author/Writer: Leeaux
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Portculture Exclusive Release – Awkward Glances “Take Control”

Hello friends, family, and loved ones. We would like to share with you the first of many releases via the Portculture music + arts collective. On November 10th we had the pleasure of releasing “Take Control” by Awkward Glances. Ben Guidry, aka Awkward Glances, is a musical cosmonaut from Lafayette, Louisiana. He is a lyricist and producer with intent to carry a message. His latest album #Whatatimefordistraction made it’s appearance on November 11th.

For fans of Flobots, Awkward Glances manifests a lyrical story board that paints a vivid picture of the societal norms, social awkwardness, and the lifestyles of the youth.
When asked what do you desire from your music, clearly you have a message but what exactly do you wish to have happen, Ben answers with:

Promote enough questioning and protests through my art and words so that the overall system can be reformed in a major way  ” –

Which we thought was very interesting and moving – We also asked Ben, what were his thoughts and motives were with his song “Take Control” (listen below), he writes

Mainly it’s about the need for our government to disassemble Geo-political areas and social structures in order to take control of people Above all, it’s a comment on the imperialistic tendencies of America, particularly with its inception through the “manifest destiny” idea.”

You can hear this nearing the end of the song on Soundcloud where it has more of the album easter eggs. He continues explaining

It also mentions contemporary imes as out government tears apart it’s own people by perpetuating violent discord, creating us versus them mentalities in order to remain in power

You can find out for your self  the message he wants to make through giving his music a listen. With influences by: Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down, and The Flobots his album #Whatatimefordistraction can easily become an emerging work of art from the heart of Louisiana. It’s currently on repeat, it’s just that good.

Social links:
Soundcloud | Instagram | Album: #Whatatimefordistraction