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Tune in

Featured music releases from the Gulf-Coast.
For submissions send to: music@portculture.org





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Latest from Neji Vibez:

Neji Vibez releases SINNERGY – October 2017

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Meet: To Be Loved

Incredible synth / surf rock from the gulf-coast. We guarantee you will leave connected to the music of Jamie Joyce also known through the moniker To Be Loved. Currently based in New Orleans, Jamie pieced together the album Age with the help of 7316.

Visit the bandcamp, download the musics, donate the monies, spread the love. $upport. Listen to Age now,
Released September 26th, 2016
www.tobeloved.bandcamp.com | facebook

From Slidell, Louisiana reigns Neji Vibez with his latest digital album release titled Grail

If you love raw, and unfiltered hip-hop music then go checkout the new Neji Vibez album “GRA!L”. This album is unique in it’s concept, composition, and soundscape. It’s certainly a one of a kind listening experience for hip-hop fans all over the world. The album is now available for FREE download, or for a purchase of any price you may choose.
Download a copy and show love.

1UP EP by Shaogrove

Shaogrove, hailing in New Orleans, put out a brand new EP in January called “1UP”
Recommended song: Comfort INN (but of course the rest of the album is just as dope)
Make sure you keep an eye on them, really. We are personally excited to follow their artistic journey.
More coverage coming soon.

Tattoo Supplies volume 3 by friendkerrek

friendkerrek is a beatmaker based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Recently he released his highly anticipated beat tape called “Tattoo Supplies”
for fans of: Nymano, Bsd.u, Sabata Poptartpete,
If you are reading this, hit play.

Featured Artist – Mike Hazel

Mike Hazel, D.C. native making his way in New Orleans with monotone power. Unlike any thing we have heard, this renaissance man excels in lyrical composition as well as arts. The video you will see to your left is called Windii. Fresh out the oven.

Awkward Glances – Exclusive Release “Take Control”

Hello friends, family, and loved ones. We would like to share with you the first of many releases via the Portculture music + arts collective. On November 10th we had the pleasure of releasing “Take Control” by Awkward Glances. Ben Guidry, aka Awkward Glances, is a musical cosmonaut from Lafayette, Louisiana. He is a lyricist and producer with intent to carry a message. His latest album #Whatatimefordistraction made it’s appearance on November 11th.

Single Release – Spare Change by E.T.

Around noon November 7th, 2016 the creative visionary Evan Thibodeaux released a preview song from his new album “Can I Get Some Change?”. The song is titled Spare Change which features a very hypnotic hip-hop style which lyrics explain the mental matrix that keeps some held up- when the answer is only love paired with a second half that will leave you in a cloud of strings and bliss- featuring vocals by Samwyse Ganjah. Keep an EYE out for the rest of “Can I Get Some Change?” here or on his soundcloud.

Dylan Seals – 3

Musically obsessed Dylan Seals, formerly known as else, released a new EP titled “3” on Oct 8th.
Eclectic in sounds, else produces audio that you will be dancing to at the next music festival.

listen to 3 now on Soundcloud or Bandcamp