Pizza With LUKE BANTER – A Portculture Exclusive

The day is Wednesday, November 30th and we just arrived at a quaint spot in Mid-City area of New Orleans called G’s Pizza. An uber makes his way to the spot. I’m greeted with water and a lemon while Luke Banter makes his way in through the side door. We shake hands. He takes a seat. The time is now 1:33 ish. Brilliant.

Luke and I order the Wednesday special. Can you believe this, it’s one large pizza and the second large comes for $1.00- insane. So we had the pleasure of enjoying two pizzas split in fours – one chicken bacon ranch / cajun shrimp and the other a rainbow / greek pizza. G’s Pizza is life. (Web)

Two days over twenty Luke asks me how we ended up doing what we do with portculture, how we created “our own thing” and honestly I gave him the rundown. We began in Shreveport, Louisiana promoting for a very long time off and on throughout the scene, then developed branding of our organized events as Portculture in early 2015- then partnering with a few friends along the way to make it more official. In turn made me ask- How long have you been making music as Luke Banter? We caught onto Luke through a social interaction on twitter. He connected with us because he believes in connecting with the scene, learning about it, caring about it.

“I’ve been making music for a couple days over two years- I was born two years ago”

Curious me, wondering how a two year old is this active, I ask where are you going to school?

“ Somewhere part-time at some school on Freret” he responds. Neat, that’s a cool street sometimes.

Through our interaction I learned a lot about this rapper. Luke sometimes wishes to be a producer. He carries a few titles under his belt as well, he’s very into throwing events as Decorated, strongly wanting to build a platform is a direction he desires aside from instagram and twitter. Like a web site that he promos artists on to some nature. We are certainly looking at a potential partnership, so stay tuned for these pop ups.
Luke has performed at Eiffel Society, The Little Gem Saloon, Afterburn, Republic, Tipitina’s.


The conscious and caring soul begins to talk about his career taking a sling shot effect. We were discussing the benefits of putting a lot of work into the NOW for the LATER. Which is kind of what we are all doing “building our resume / portfolio” he sees it as also. Which is very healthy to understand as an artists. Luke feels “if you don’t have enough credibility behind  you, not too many people would be interested, being active is great. Being active and progressive so that people around me will be as well

Definitely some good shit” as he snacks into a slice of chicken bacon ranch pizza.


We get a little causal, enjoying the pizza for a bit and it strikes me to say, hey where do you see yourself in two years?

He’s really excited to speak on this.

“In two years, 2018 of December – I went there in my mind just now, and it was real-” as he chews into a slice of pizza. He says “in two years i’m comfortable – I have a very busy schedule-”

What do you think it would consist of?

“Recording, writing songs for myself and other people (he mentions ghostwriting out of passion for others possibly), managing a band or another artist, touring and throwing events, thats it”

Hopefully in other cities right?

“-of course”

He brings up that originally he’s from Chicago. Most of the people who listen to my music are from Chicago. I go to ask, do you see yourself remaining independent or DIY for a while or the entirety of your career?

“Yeah I do- Hey what are your favorite rappers, or people you really dig right now?”

I said – Chester Watson is pretty cool,

“Do you like Gucci Mane?”

He’s alright.

“Are you able to separate artists from their art?- like who you are and your art”

We began the discussion then of how most artists are immediately inseparable from their music, that its very common to be see as DIRECTLY apart of what you are listening to. We see that it shapes a lot of the audience you have as well as an artist. We kind of went back and forth about it with an example of how you yourself are talented and you make these certain sounds, but you are going home as a normal person. We talked about Kanye, Luke says “hes a bit lost in the sauce. It’s not his fault


I proceed to say a lot of my favorite rappers are my friends, Austin Rapbaum, Samwyse Ganja, I like E.T. – I like $uicide Boy$, Mike Hazel, Allen Snow from FL, Lil Baphomet – I’m a new Luke Banter fan too.

“I don’t really procrastinate when it comes to getting things done with my art/passion so I give it my all, as far as being an independent artist, you have to be ruthless but also really respectful. Some people really don’t find that balance- I have a lot of room in the industry to be different”

Do you believe in magic?

“Haha yeah of course but- it has to be uh- like what I do is magic basically and the more I do to it, the more magical it becomes”

Do you consider yourself a sorcerer?

“I- I don’t know. I’m definitely- nah i’m not a sorcerer. I think everyone has access to magic. I think everyone would need to figure out what it is. The changes in your life then will seem magical”


As he gives the constant message in his works, to just reach out to him and talk to him if you see him, he encourages human interaction. He carries the vibe that he does in his music- the realness of relationship between artists and the people who admire his work. He always wishes to preserve the relationship between his lovers and friends who help him become who he is. It’s in his blood to accomplish his goals and reach the next milestone.

He reached into his backpack and hands me this work of art/comicbook called Earth’s Boring. I was completely smittened at that point. I can’t wait to read this comic. It’s based off a series of songs he recently put out. You can read this book for yourself, pick one up in person at 8200 Oak st. It’s on sale. Shop local.

“Artists should be explaining what some people can’t. Literature is so contagious, it’s going to influence you somehow. I’m trying to be positive because there’s not a lot that is, it’s life- why not be this way. It’s showing respect , giving a fuck a little bit”

This industry is just weird, people don’t just get big overnight”  Banter states, “Doing these gigs and making music is really memorable to me, these events / shows kind of keep me living- it HAS to happen” he says as he slams his fists onto the table.

He firmly believes in watering your plants, taking care of your family and the people who help you grow.

“I want to do something that makes people proud, I want my family to be proud of what I’m doing”


Luke Banter has a mixtape coming out in a month called Love Stings, so when you are scrolling through your news feed, give that a listen or a share as well. It’ll help.

We realized how much time flew by, concluded our pizza date with some Street Fighter. It was a very humbling experience to learn about this artist, Luke. A very passionate nice fellow of the arts. We can see his drive taking him far.

It’s through interactions like these we find ourselves lucky to be doing the work that we do as portculture. Getting to know emerging artists in this nature has been one of the main source of fuel for this project. We gravitate towards those who are giving it their all in their craft.

So we encourage you to give his social links a view / buzz you can listen to his music here or here and here

View his story and life here:

Instagram: @lukebanterTwitter: @_lukebanter
Soundcloud: @luke-banter

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=00aabb&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Thank you for taking the time to read this excerpt of our pizza adventure, stick around for more featured artists, subscribe here to know when the next pop up is happening, we would even love to hear from you. We do this because we believe in you.

Author/Writer: Leeaux
Music + Art + Culture

PORTCULTURE – Creator Call – 2017 pt.1

Hello friends. We are taking an action to effectively promote the support of grass roots brands and creators. We believe that to make the change we must bring up the creators who are just like us, and just like the artists who sweat and bleed over their creations. Late December and for the first three months of 2017, we have made a few partnerships with local venues and organizations to build raw talent. One of our three part projects is aiming to support local brands (patches / pins), visual artists, designers, toy collectors/designers, comic/zine makers, vinyl collectors and any sort of small business commerce. We are taking initiative in New Orleans, Louisiana.

If you or a friend are interested in participating with us on this part of our restoration to the arts, please email us with the subject title: ART COMMERCE and we will discuss any details with you.

Table space is FREE. There will be a limit to how many appear at the showcases so we can rotate those who are interested. We will do our best to make them monthly.

Please mail to:
Any questions mail to:

After you email us, we will notify you with the date so you can surprise your friends.
Thank you for your  time, remain pure.


MAGIC BOX, An Art Show – New Orleans, Louisiana

Greetings friends and family, we hope you are enjoying your time here. We are proud to introduce MAGIC BOX. For the entire month of November we will have selected artists showing their work at The Rook Cafe. This installment of art is brought to you by our collective of visual artists. We plan for a reception on November 11th, 2016 where we will have a listening party where we play the music of local and not so local creators.

Visual artists are:

We look forward to having you, you can RSVP through Facebook here.

Portculture event page
When: 11.11.16
Where: 4516 Freret St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Cover: FREE

We have met so many talented musicians and artists and have helped them in various ways enhancing their vision and career. Instilling confidence in our team and building a community of creators and visionaries means the most to us. We help find identity. The forming of this collective was to combine our strengths as well as weakness to mold ourselves into the greatest versions.

thank you–

#GRAIL by Neji Vibez

A personal message sourced from the great Neji Vibez himself!

” I would like to present the first commercial for my upcoming audio project “GRA!L”. The visuals were shot and edited by my homie Elijah LeNoir. He did a really great job! It’s been an extremely long and tiring process working on this project, but everything is coming to a close now and i’m gearing up to release it soon. This project is a culmination of my experiences over the past year and a half recorded over 15 tracks. I hope you guys enjoy this teaser for the time being though. PLEASE feel free to like, share, and repost it. Peace love and respect. Always. – NEJI VIBEZ 🐼 #GRAILcomingsoon

Lazy Sunday Takes Over the Gulf Coast

Hello readers and thanks for joining us for this update. As you all have noticed we embarked on the first edition of the Lazy Sunday Tour. Lazy Sunday is a music project created by Austin Rapbaum in partnership with BigBro. Lazy Sunday was recently released Sunday, August 7th, 2016 in a personal house gathering at the home of Austin Rapbaum. Many attended the release party and were immersed in the world of sets by performing artists that the producer himself considers family: Evan Thibodeaux, Mike Hazel, Samwyse Ganja, Keith Jone$…

new orleans lazy

Currently project #portculture has set up a line of events to create the Lazy Sunday Tour. We are visiting a handful of cities in Louisiana and Texas spreading our movement along the way. Our recent nights have been very magnificent and we are extremely thankful for the amount of support shown to us. We are working really hard to bring you a night of great vibes, energy, and music. Join us on our upcoming days:

Up next are:
8.13.16 – Lake Charles, LA* with special guest Neji Vibez of the Panda Mason Collective
8.14.16 – Houston, TX
8.15.16 – San Antonio, TX



Slidell, Louisiana: Thank You for The Vibes

Panda Mason x Portculture: Chapter One

Our first date for the #LazySunday Tour was in Slidell, Louisiana. We had the pleasure of meeting tons of new friends and making connections with a few local creatives as well. Thanks to Neji Vibez and Djenko for manifesting this popup together with us. Thank you Pauly and Dapper for your excellent performances. The ice cream shop down the street is really cool and Time Out Lounge is the place to be for your nightlife fix. Jordan the sound guy was the nicest person, thank you for making this a reality.
Tonight we go live in New Orleans. Positive vibrations.

-project #portculture

The Start of the Lazy Sunday Tour – Wednesday in Slidell Louisiana 

We are overly excited to begin sharing our adventure through the thirdcoast with you all. This Wednesday we hit the road with Austin Rapbaum, BigBro, Samwyse Ganja, Keith Jone$, and Nathaniel Red in honor of the release of Lazy Sunday. Take a listen to the project here at  

dates are posted, check our site for updates.

-project #portculture 

July 30th at Euphorbia Kava Bar: Rêve with the Art of Leeaux and Mike Hazel

reve01This Saturday come join us for a happening we are helping to share with the thirdcoast.

Taken from the Facebook Event Page:

Saturday July 30, Euphorbia, in partnership with Portculture, will be hosting a night of music and stories with Memphis native saxophonist and songwriter, Rêve aka Matthew.

On display will be the art of Leeaux and Mike Hazel. Come join us for a night of beautiful music, soulful art, and relaxing Kava. Meet the artists and add to your collection.

Cover is $5. Art show will begin at 5, with no cover until the music starts at 8.

Debut album “Dignity” available now !!!
IG: @jetpi10


Mike Hazel

Create Tomorrow with Portculture

We are gifted with the ability to create history. Portculture is honored to be able to write and share history with you all.

What you can expect from us:

  • artist features and interviews
  • concerts and coverage
  • music releases and reviews
  • secret showcases
  • art exhibits
  • podcasts
  • food for the soul

We have various content creators involved in this project sharing their own story. We hope you enjoy.

Upcoming: interview from local creators in Goofy Froot this week and information for the August 3rd music + art showcase.


PSA: Change the World With Positive Intention: The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword

portculture message

Hello friends, family, and loved ones.. welcome to the future, and welcome to the new world. We want to start off by saying thank you for sticking around and tuning in with the portculture project and supporting our collective of artisans and creators from all walks of life. We want to really speak out in this current time of turmoil in the reality that exists around us for it hits home on many levels… as an arts collective we found it difficult to speak out but shortly came to the conclusion it’s our job to share our current state artistically and mentally.  It is up to you to be the positive change you wish to see.

Breaking The Ice…
Together we witness the evolution of our society attempting to cut the remaining ties to oppression and the separatist social stigmas. Over time we have done our best as a society and species to reach out to one another through the kindness of our hearts. We believe we should do more than tolerate, we should be accepting one another. Divided we fall. [1]. In a time where it’s almost impossible to form the right words to not offend anyone we will do our best to touch base with you all and to come under a common understanding that fear and violence is not the answer.

It’s clear that a chain reaction from years of challenges to form a more sensible culture comes with its effects [2].. we are here to say that we are here for you all in this challenging time. We strongly believe the influence of art can not only save lives, but help you come to a common understanding that isn’t limited by race, religion, or gender. We create with a very progressive and forward mentality.

A Current Solution…
Project Portculture was created specifically to bring people together under common interest that does not need to have language or borders. Art does not have a color. Creation does not have a side. Music does not have a gender. It’s our right to be able to manifest what we desire. It is our right to inspire. We create with love in our hearts. We create with positive intention. Never lose sight of this and continue to keep your head held high. Do not walk the streets in fear, instead look to the light. You can feel the difference of what it’s like to be inspired or to be afraid. We encourage you to leave aggressive nature behind and evolve with us. [3] Words have power, use your words with positive intention.

If you or a loved one needs solace in this time or someone to talk to, please email us directly at or directly reach a few of our team members:

thank you – with love – project portculture

[1] Communicate with another human genuinely regardless of their background. Coming together is the key to community, the exact purpose of our project. We are a community of arts and culture.
[2] The rough breakthroughs of acceptance in America leaving generational gaps in culture being slow to accept the new age.
[3] “reacting out of fear or anger never leaves a solution. how could we be so blind to think violence gives birth to peace, educate yourself and become a leader in this realm” – Evan Thibedeaux / silent planet / portculure