MARCH 9th + MARCH 10th

Art is the pinnacle of the human experience. We meld into one being when the bass drops and the reverberating sounds echo through our records. This is a gathering unlike any other. Bridging the gaps between what’s new and trendy, and what historians will note in their wordbooks, google keep, notebook, cell phone, faint memory, or what ever you decide to transcribe this bit of nostalgia.

On March 9th and 10th #Portculture had the honor of covering the 7th annual Buku Festival in our lovely city of New Orleans.


Two days to become the being of your dreams. Two days where fans rush from across the country to enjoy the air of magic here. It’s remarkable that we’re able to enjoy some of the industries most popin’ names as well. Join the club and earn set times. Or claim a pass that allows you to skip lines, use the restroom comfortably, or even meet your living idol, etc.

Anything can really happen during these two days. We’re not entirely sure if everyone working event staff is even ready for it. Congratulations to a sold out festival.

Anyone else who’s intuitive can tell history was made this weekend.

Excellence is being free and having the world stop to praise you for your individuality. This weekend we focused a lot on the fans who came out to support the artists performing. That relationship is vital. For it’s the fans who build the artist. The relationship between the artists and their supporters is something we value personally at Portculture.