Greetings: the 8th Portculture arts exhibition is Saturday 8/18/18

That’s correct. This Saturday at Urban South we are celebrating the 8th instillation of the artisans show + exhibition. So far this entire year we have been hosting an array of talented souls from all over New Orleans and even other cities. We’re beyond grateful for the support that’s been given to our organization as we advance our goal of initiating the arts renaissance of the gulf-coast.

We are a catalyst to grander state of mind in relationship to the arts. We are a society of young art collectors, musicians, photographers, painters, sculptors, brand ambassadors, and more.

Thanks for supporting the growing collective of artists who show their works with us.

This was created from artists working together.

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Our yellow and blue glow in the dark tees are also very incredible and everyone should own one or two.



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